Flash LED revenue reached US$759 million in 2018

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2022-05-13 16:57

In traditional mobile phone applications, LEDs only supply the backlight of mobile phone screens and keyboards, and the usage is not large. However, with the increase in the proportion of smart phones, consumers have higher and higher requirements for mobile phone functions. Higher resolution requires more LEDs to improve the brightness of the backlight module, and the camera module with continuously increasing pixels also needs to be equipped with higher-brightness Flash LEDs, or even two as fill light.
Guo Zhihao, deputy research manager of LEDinside, said that in 2013, the total shipment of Flash LED was 1.029 billion pieces, and it is estimated that by 2018, it will grow by 98.5% to 2.043 billion pieces; as for the overall revenue will also increase from 561 million US dollars in 2013. $759 million in 2018. As for other special additional functions such as remote control, heartbeat detection, environmental sensing and other functions, LEDs must be relied on. It can be seen that in the development of smart phones, LEDs undoubtedly play an important key element.

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