What is the meaning of LED packaging? What are the LED packaging methods?

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2022-05-15 00:00

The current development of the domestic LED packaging industry is relatively mature, forming a complete LED packaging industry chain. In terms of regional distribution, the Pearl River Delta region is the region with the largest concentration of LED packaging companies and the largest packaging industry in mainland China. The number of companies exceeds 2/3 of the country's total, accounting for 68% of the total number of companies in the country, except for the upstream LED epitaxial chip field. In addition to the lack, there are many manufacturers and agents of packaging materials and packaging equipment, and the matching is the most complete. Followed by the Yangtze River Delta region, the number of enterprises accounted for about 17% of the country, and other regions accounted for 15%. The following editor will introduce to you "what does LED packaging mean and what are the LED packaging methods"

1. What does LED package mean?

LED (semiconductor light emitting diode) packaging refers to the packaging of light-emitting chips, which is quite different from integrated circuit packaging. The packaging of LEDs is required not only to protect the wick, but also to transmit light. Therefore, the packaging of LEDs has special requirements for packaging materials.

Generally speaking, the function of the package is to provide enough protection for the chip to prevent the chip from failing due to long-term exposure in the air or mechanical damage, so as to improve the stability of the chip; for the LED package, it also needs to have good light extraction efficiency and good heat dissipation. , A good package can make the LED have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, thereby improving the life of the LED.

Packaging is a key link in the preparation of white LEDs: the light-emitting mechanism of semiconductor materials determines that a single LED chip cannot emit white light with a continuous spectrum. Therefore, in the process, it is necessary to mix two or more complementary colors of light to form white light. At present, the main methods for realizing white LEDs are There are three kinds: blue LED + YAG yellow phosphor, RGB three-color LED, ultraviolet LED + multi-color phosphor, and the realization of white LED is in the packaging process. Good process precision control and good materials and equipment are the guarantee of the consistency of white LED devices.

Second, what are the LED packaging methods

1. Pin type (Lamp) LED package.

2. Surface mount (SMD) type (SMT-LED) package.

3. Chip-on-board (COB) LED package.

4. System-in-package (SiP) LED package.

5. Wafer bonding and chip bonding.

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