Technology and R&D

In terms of LED optical measurement, electrical measurement, thermal measurement, and material measurement, Omega has complete experimental testing equipment


Optical Measurement

※ Bare die tester
※ HAAS-2000 laboratory grade spectrometer
※ Lighttools optical design software
※ Pro-e 3D design software
※ TEES illuminance tester, CL-200A
※   spectrum analyzer
※ Optical measurement darkroom


Electrical Measurement

※ Voltage and current tester Keithley Germany
KONSTANTER high precision power supply


Thermal Measurement

※ ANSYS thermal design software
※ T-3 thermal resistance tester, Pro-e 3D design software


Material Measurement

※ PE-5 phosphor analyzer
※ TS, TC, DC, HSLT, LSLT and other reliable equipment
※ X-ray coating tester
※ XRF RoHS Tester